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We were there!

Wine Bloggers Conference

Being close to Paso Robles is …

Being close to Paso Robles is a plus to living in So. California http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100226/ap_on_bi_ge/us_farm_scene_new_napa_2

Call Us Elites

Oh, man. Wine bloggers all over seem to be having all kinds of fun over a February 13 tweet from wine critic Robert M. Parker, Jr. The tweet reads, “lots of top wine merchants are heavily discounting once very expensive Aussie shirazs..out of fashion among the anti-flavor wine elites, 10:05 AM Feb 13th via web.” Seriously, that’s the cut and paste we did from Parker’s Twitter page, twitter.com/robertmparkerjr, although you do have to scroll down and hit “more” to find it by now. Or you can just click on the date link above.

We laughed our backsides off when

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A piece of California heritage…

A piece of California heritage…California’s historical grape with a mission – San Jose Mercury News: http://bit.ly/bEndhd via @addthis

Conseniso 2008 Sangiovese - Lost Notes Found!

A week or so ago, we noted that we’d lost a series of tasting notes. Talk about deep and profound annoyances! We were doing a fast clean up and things always turn missing when that happens. The good news is that we finally found the missing notes in a bag that had gotten kicked under a table.

So here are the tasting notes for the 2008 Consensio Sangiovese:

Type: Dry red Made with: Sangiovese Plays well with: Meat sauces, pizza, tomato dishes

It took a few minutes for the nose on the wine to happen. There was no fruit

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Rounding Up the Paso Rhone Rangers

Well, we’re back home and mostly recovered from checking out the 30-odd wineries present at the 2010 Paso Robles Rhone Rangers Experience, which happened this past Sunday.

It was a particularly good day for us. We caught up with some old friends, discovered a new-to-us boutique winery and that’s before we got to the event tasting!

The Rhone Rangers is a national education and advocacy group of about 200 wineries and other folks dedicated to educating the wine-buying public about wines made from the 22 varieties of grapes that come from France’s Rhone Valley. The principal grapes are syrah,

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OBG loved the Anglim wines, es…

OBG loved the Anglim wines, especially the Viognier and the Mourvedre at Rhone Rangers Keep on inspiring Cellarmasters members! Thanks!

OddBall Fun With Rubber Chickens

Our friends at Twisted Oak Winery are at it again. They recently had their Take Your Rubber Chicken to Work Week competition. Fear not, you can still participate by voting for the finalists here, as long as you do it before Feb. 17

Alas, we couldn’t compete. As you can see, our rubber chicken Floyd misbehaved egregiously when he accompanied Michael to his day job with the City of Los Angeles Archives.


And, frankly, being in a position to give Twisted Oak publicity, it’s really not fair if we enter. Too bad. We love owner

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What is Anglim pouring at the …

What is Anglim pouring at the Rhone Rangers on Sunday?

We love rosés all the live-lo…

We love rosés all the live-long day Life’s short. Make sure to stop and smell the rosé – http://b2l.me/fzzS9 (via @palatepress)

Pay attention to what the next…

Pay attention to what the next generation of winemakers are doing. http://tinyurl.com/ydblzm3