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We were there!

Wine Bloggers Conference

ISome excise tax may be warran…

ISome excise tax may be warranted. But THIS is insane! Initiative would raise tax on wine, alcohol – http://3hmm.com/thesun/?p=16496

Tannat: A great grape and a pa…

Tannat: A great grape and a pallandrome…http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100319/lf_afp/lifestyleuruguaywineeconomy_20100319061040


Bronco Wines – the marketing geniuses that brought us Two Buck Chuck (better known as Charles Shaw Wines) – have struck again with another Trader Joe’s exclusive, coming in at $3.99 in California. (We are aware that Two Buck Chuck is actually Three Buck Chuck in other states.)

The result is a blend of sultana, colombard and muscat grapes and possibly something else. Organically grown in the Central Valley of California where many table grapes and wine grapes of some lesser quality are located, the resulting blend was intriguing.

Sultana is not generally used as a wine grape –

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Sardinian 2007 Oje

Type: Dry RedMade with: Cannonau, Montepulciano, carignano (see below)Plays well with: Strong cheeses, roasted meats, good BBQ

Having found our notes on the Sardinian wines we tasted, we continue with the Oje, from Nuovi Poderi Cantina – a really nice, rich red which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The Oje is a blend of 90 percent cannonau (better known in the U.S. as grenache), with that last 10 percent coming from carignano (carignane, one of the nicer OBG grapes) and Montepulciano (which is technically a place name, but for some reason is listed on the label as a grape name –

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Type: Off-dry, uh… green?

Made From: Unknown blend of white wines

Plays Well With: Spicy, lively foods – almost anything but corned beef

Slainte (pronounced slan-chah) is Gaelic for cheers! If you really want to go Irish, you say Slainte Gael – cheers to Ireland.

We picked the Slainte wine up during our visit to Irish Family Vineyards, and for obvious reasons, held it until St. Patrick’s Day, this past Wednesday.

As you can see, the color is not typical – yes, it’s dyed, but that’s part of the fun. Which is the best way to describe this wine,

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Fess Parker Has Left the Winery

When the news broke yesterday that actor and winery owner Fess Parker had passed away, we knew we had to write about it. That’s because Anne met Parker  when she did a profile on him for the May 2004 issue of Wines & Vines magazine.

Yes, Parker’s Santa Inez winery has been roundly (and sometimes justifiably) satirized and criticized for populist, mediocre wines that only sold because of his name. But not all of his wines were that bad. Some were even pretty darned good. We haven’t tasted them in a good long time, so can’t say where they

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RIP Fess Parker. Before OBG, A…

RIP Fess Parker. Before OBG, Anne interviewed Mr. Parker. We’ll post an excerpt on OBG shortly.

2008 Taja - Wines from Sardinia

Huzzah! We know that in our earlier post about Wines From Sardinia, we mentioned that we had lost our tasting notes on the wines. We found them, and here’s the white: Taja.

Type: Dry whiteMade from: VermentinoPlays well with: Salad, seafood, a summer’s pasta salad

We think the vermentino grape deserves its own spotlight. Yes, it’s blended into countless Italian wines, but the Taja, bottled under the Nuovi Poderi Cantina label, is one of those rare treasures that features the grape on its own.

It’s easy enough to approach. The golden color could be mistaken for a decent chardonnay.

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OBG sees the art in a good ble…

OBG sees the art in a good blend:[When is a Zin not a Zin?][http://www.latimes.com/features/food/la-fo-oldvine-20100311,0,567901.story]

Forget the ads of chateaus and…

Forget the ads of chateaus and villas – this is where great wines are being made! http://tinyurl.com/ykkujre