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Anglim Winery – What a Kit Hath Wrought



Steve Anglim at Hospice du Rhone 2010

It started somewhat insidiously – with a gift of a winemaking kit one Father’s Day.

“It was god-awful disgusting stuff,” said Steve Anglim, owner and winemaker of Anglim Winery.

But it was enough to get him making wine, eventually leading to the winery, which began in 2002.  Steve and his wife Steffanie Anglim run the place, taking turns pouring at events and running the tasting room in Paso Robles, California, while their younger daughter plays in the back room.

“You have to divide and conquer because there’s so much

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Contest Winner Announced




Win a shirt with this cool logo on it

Well, there’s some good news and some bad news regarding our recent Wine FAQ contest, which officially ended on Monday.


The good news is that we have a winner – Stuart Yaniger, who sent us two great questions:

1. What’s all this sulfite stuff? Is it true that only American/French/Australian/Slavokian wines use them?

Every wine has sulfites – yeast produce sulfur compounds along with alcohol, carbon dioxide and other substances. Most wineries can or do add sulfites to help preserve wine because it resists spoilage

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La Fenetre 2006 Cargasacchi Pinot Noir

Type: Dry redMade With: Pinot Noir grapesPlays Well With: Salmon, pork or grilled beef.

This is a wine that is all about balance – no mean trick when it comes to the notoriously finicky pinot noir grape.

Winemaker and founder Joshua Klapper started with some amazing fruit – from farmer and winemaker Peter Cargasacchi’s vineyards in the ever-so-hot Santa Rita Hills.  Cargasacchi has his own Point Concepcion label (which we have had the good fortune to taste), but does sell a fair amount of his crop to several local vintners – including La Fenetre.  In fact, one of our

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Celebrity Wine FAQ: Scott Krinksy



Scott Krinsky, courtesy NBC


While Anne has been hobnobbing with the folks at the twice-yearly Television Critics Association Press Tour, she’s been checking in with people to find out what their Wine FAQs are.  After all, we’re pulling together our Wine FAQ page and want to know what everyone else wants to know about wine.

Scott Krinsky plays Nerd Herder Jeff on the spy comedy Chuck on NBC.  Fun thing is, he likes wine.

“I’m a big malbec fan,” he told Anne.  “I love malbec.  They have a nice little spice to them, kind of

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OBG agrees – time for a new A…

OBG agrees – time for a new AVA: Wines & Vines – Wine Industry News Headlines – Calaveras Winegrowers Seek AVA Status http://shar.es/0aYGN

Celebrity Wine FAQ – Wallace Langham





Wallace Langham, Courtesy CBS

It’s really interesting how many people have questions about wine – even folks who don’t drink or can’t drink at all.

Take Wallace Langham, who plays lab tech Hodge on CSI.

“I stopped drinking wine,” he told Anne at a party at the TV Critics Press Tour.  “I stopped drinking altogether.   But I can think of one.   Ah.  Is it all right to drink rosé all year round?”

Langham was asking on behalf of his wife, who loves rosé.  We say you go, Mrs. Langham (assuming that’s your name).  Rosé

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