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Epiphany 2007 Inspiration

Type: Dry white

Made With: Marsanne, roussanne, viognier and grenache blanc

Plays Well With: Turkey dinners, chicken pot pie and chips and dip

There’s a reason most European wines are actually blends of different grapes – and the Epiphany 2007 Inspiration (even though it is Californian) shows why.

For those who don’t already know, Epiphany is Eli Parker’s private label, Eli Parker being Fess Parker’s son and a major player at the Fess Parker Winery in the Santa Ynez Valley. The Inspiration was one of the bottles that turned up in Michael’s auction win last year.

It’s a blend

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Anglim 2006 Grenache

Courtesy Anglim

Type: Dry red

Made With: The grenache grape

Plays well with: Grilled meats, salmon and lamb

Oh, yeah, bring on the grill with this one. Grenache, in general, tends to be a lighter, fruitier wine, one that does very nicely on its own. But we like the Anglim Grenache because it is so very food friendly.

It’s got the color of an expensive ruby. Put your nose in the glass and you should pick up the soft scent of cherries and/or raspberries. And when we say should, that means Michael picked up those smells. You might

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