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Celebrity Wine FAQ – Tim DeKay

Tim DeKay, courtesy NBC Universal

Have we mentioned that we think White Collar is one of the best written shows currently on television? And it features a fair amount of wine drinking.

The show, about charming con man and art thief Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) who works for the FBI, thanks to the agent who finally caught him, airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on USA Network and just recently started a new season.

So we thought we’d feature Tim DeKay, who plays Special Agent Peter Burke on the show. DeKay didn’t really have a question about wine.

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Nine Wines Nine! Library Tasting Notes

Last Friday, we were again asked to help out at the Altadena Public Library’s Art Salon – part of the library’s fabulous Art on Millionaire’s Road annual art show.

If you were at last spring’s fundraising wine and cheese event, then you’ll probably recognized most of the whites. We did have leftovers from that event and wanted to use these delicious wines up. When you add the four reds we found, we poured a total of nine wines for a truly expansive experience.

Segura Viudas Cava Brut Reserve NV

Type: Dry sparkling white wine What

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We Found a Hot Deal!

Every now and then we run across an exceptionally hot deal and we figure it’s only fair to share. It’s the Sonoma Landing 2008 Pinot Noir.

The current super-deal is at BevMo, home of the 5 Cent Sale, currently on now. You buy a featured wine at the regular price and the second matching bottle for a nickel. The stock will probably differ from store to store, depending on sell-outs and if the wine came from a smaller winery, or any of thousand reasons why your local BevMo may not have it.

Our local BevMo is selling this bottle

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Flying Goat 2007 Pinot Noir Salisbury Vineyard

Type: Dry red What makes it special: A pinot noir that’s not from the Santa Rita Hills. Plays well with: pork, lamb, salmon, cheese.

The 2007 Flying Goat Pinot Wine comes from San Luis Obispo, a little farther up the California coast from where Norman Yost makes his wines in Lompoc.

The nose has a spicebox aroma – think asian five spice powder ingredients such as licorice and cardamon. The color is the same gorgeous ruby red of a certain pair of shoes made in Oz (or more accurately the MGM costume shop). But just check out the

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Longoria 2009 Pinot Grigio

Type: Dry white What makes it special: Italian grape finding a great home in Santa Barbara county. Plays well with: Salads, seafood, creamy sauces. We are celebrating this humble, but lovely treat of a wine for a couple reasons. First up, we do want to make note of the TAPAS Grand Tasting in San Francisco this weekend, one of the wineries pouring is winemaker Richard Longoria, who made this pinot grigio – even though it’s not one of the wines featured by the Tempranillo Advocates Producers and Amigos Society. TAPAS is, of course, about the Spanish grapes –

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Scott Bakula – Celebrity Wine FAQ

Scott Bakula in Men of a Certain Age, courtesy Turner

We’ve been big fans of Scott Bakula ever since Quantum Leap – one of those shows underrated in its time, but now a cult fave.  And we loved Bakula as Stephen Bartowski, Chuck’s ingenious father, on Chuck, alas, another show we think is highly underrated.

That being said, it looks like Bakula has hit his stride and then some with Men of a Certain Age, playing bachelor and former actor Terry. The show is back with all-new episodes at 10 p.m. on TNT, starting Wednesday, June 1.


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