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We were there!

Wine Bloggers Conference

Poetry and Wine at Webster’s Fine Stationers Again

Our good friends at Webster’s Fine Stationers had us to pour at their recent poetry reading. If you missed it, you missed some excellent poems by local poets Judith Terzi and Linda Dove. Fortunately, Lori and Scott Webster carry both their books, but it’s still special to hear them read by the poets.

We also had some great wines. And if you were there, here are our notes. Now, as always, this is not to prove we have a better palate than yours – because we don’t. It’s just to coordinate what you taste with what we taste, so

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David Krumholtz – Celebrity Wine FAQ

David Krumholtz, courtesy NBC

We have to say, the only good thing about The Playboy Club (which holds the Fall 2011 dubious honor of being the first show cancelled of the new TV season) was seeing David Krumholtz working – better yet, not recognizing him right away. Not because the show sucked, but because it means Krumholtz can really act and create a completely different character than lovable math genius Dr. Charlie Epps, from CBS’ late lamented Numb3rs.

Krumholtz shared with us a problem he has with wine.

“I want to know why I’m allergic to wine,” he

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Savoring a Great Wine Event

[wpg]Out of the cacophany of an exhibition hall, this one featuring a photo op on a surfboard with a wave curling over you, fabulous new cars, and a small, but quiet, hedgehog, it figures the one thing that leapt out at us was the offer of a blind wine tasting.  We were at Savor the Central Coast, a wine and food festival sponsored by Sunset Magazine and highlighting the wineries and restaurants to be found in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo County, in general.

The fair featured the best of the area, including wineries, restaurants, seminars and even

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