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We were there!

Wine Bloggers Conference

Beaujolais Nouveau Tasting at Webster’s Fine Stationers!


Welcome to the site! If you’re here because you were at the tasting this afternoon, here’s your chance to compare what you tasted with what we tasted and {drum roll, please} find out which wine was what. And let us know what you think in the comments. If you just want to check out some tasting notes on this year’s Beaujolais Nouveaux, please feel free to join the conversation, because we’ve got a real controversial offering below.

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The Beaujolais Nouveau is Here!

We always love it when some wine snob sniffs in disdain at the Beaujolais Nouveau release. Let’s be real – all the hype and hullabaloo about the annual release of this brand, spanking new wine is just that. And, no, it is not the kind of fine wine you save up for that perfect occasion with a special menu designed around it.

But, we ask, so what?

Beaujolais Nouveau is the first wine harvested in the Beaujolais region of France and is not to be confused with the much nicer Beaujolais Villages or Beaujolais Grand Cru. It is very

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Tercero 2010 Outlier

Type: Off dry white wine

What makes it special: Hand-picked grapes from the Santa Barbara region

Plays well with: Spicy foods, including Indian and Mexican

The Outlier is made of gewurtraminer grapes grown in Santa Barbara County. Larry Schaffer, the winemaker and owner of Tercero, said that he’d worked with the grower and insisted that the grapes be picked by hand. He was going to let the grower pick them by machine this year, only after all the bad weather they had last spring, the grower didn’t have any. Well, so much for that experiment. Gewurztraminer is a German

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Paso Garagiste Movement Celebrates the Small

The Garagiste Festival happened this past weekend – and not only were we going to go, we were going to do an advance post on the event, just in case some of you would want to go.

Alas, Michael’s grandmother passed away the week before, so not only were we in Arizona for the funeral when the festival was on, we kinda got distracted.

But perhaps more important is letting people know about the movement, which is dedicated to supporting small, artisanal winemakers in the Central Coast region. In fact, we were delighted to see that one of

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Tercero Wines – Small Production, Big Taste

Tercero Outlier and Grenache Blanc

We met and interviewed Larry Schaffer late this past summer at a tasting of Santa Barbara Vintners and not only liked what he had, we liked him.

But the problem with these kinds of situations is that you’re doing interviews on the fly, so you don’t get the chance to dig and really learn something about the winemaker – and Larry seems really interesting.

He’s worked on the finance and sales side in the music, toy and publishing industries. So naturally, Anne had to ask him what made him decide wine was his

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