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Pomar Junction – Saving the Planet and Drinking Good Wine

Matt Merrill in the Pomar Junction tasting room with OBG mascot Fred. That’s Fred’s good side.

In today’s super-crowded marketplace, wineries are looking for any marketing edge they can find. And since most winery owners are decent human beings, fumbling along trying to survive as best they can and trying to do the right thing, anyway, it sometimes makes sense to slap a “We’re green” label on their product and hope consumers agree and buy their wine instead of the other person’s.

The problem, as Matt Merrill, of Pomar Junction Vineyard and Winery, explained to us recently, is

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Friday Foto – Always Bring Your Corkscrew

Fred and the Corkscrew (click for bigger image)

Seriously – Fred says that it doesn’t hurt to keep a corkscrew in the glove compartment of your car. You never know when there’s going to be that impromptu picnic or when someone else forgot theirs.

Of course, you don’t want any open containers of alcohol in your car and designated drivers are important. Problem is, we can’t let Fred drink – he’s such a mean drunk – or drive. He can’t reach the pedals and see over the dash, and then there’s that problem of no opposable thumbs.


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Celebrity Wine FAQ – Scandal’s Bellamy Young

Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant, courtesy ABC

Actor Bellamy Young has been a journeyman actor most of her life – you may remember her as Ellen Darling in Dirty, Sexy Money. But she’s nabbed a fun role as the scheming, perfect First Lady Mellie Grant in ABC’s Scandal (airing Thursday nights at 10 p.m.). It’s a fun role, and as Young puts it, Mellie’s one of those characters who’s been trained to serve the people.

Young also had a great question for us.

“I just threw a friend a baby shower,” she said. “And we had extra champagne

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