A Murder of Principal and Graciano

Author Saralyn Richard’s novel A Murder of Principal bears more than a little resemblance to Richard’s own background. Well, Richard never had to deal with her principal being murdered, even during the years she spent working as a high school principal, herself.

Cover for A Murder of Principal, by Saralyn Richard

She did have to deal with a lot of the politics that goes on in school administrations. But that’s what brings her novel to life.

Recently promoted to vice principal at an urban high school, Sally Pearce finds herself caught between her colleagues and a new principal determined to turn the school around. Only said principal gets shot after the school is set on fire. Sally works to help the cops while helping her students. But there are a lot of suspects to consider.

Richard suggested a red wine to go with this book, and we picked a graciano. Now, that’s not a grape you’re going to find too easily. No one really knows where it originated, but it’s predominately grown in Spain. It mostly gets blended with other grapes, thanks to its dark color and tannins, to give lighter wines some structure.

All of which makes it a nice fit for the complex, intricate story that is a Murder of Principal. Start drinking some with a grilled steak or lamb chop, then relax after dinner with the book.

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