A Really Cool Wine List

BLD Restaurant in Los Angeles not only has a great menu and is fairly reasonably priced for the neighborhood, their wine list is something we’d like to see more often.

It’s not the selections – although they are very nice and interesting, as well.  There aren’t too many, either.  The list is comprehensive, but not overly long, so you’re not drowning in options.  But that’s not what got us excited.

It’s how the wines are grouped – by characteristics.

Check it out here: BLD_Wine (or go to BLDrestaurant.com and click on Wines near the top).

You have Bubblies, of course, but then the whites are grouped under headings like “Elegant and Restrained” and “Crisp and Clean.”  The headings for the reds include “Light and Effortless” and “Brooding and Intense.”  These kinds of headings might not tell you all you need to know about the wines they describe, but if you’re new to the whole wine thing or haven’t had a chance to really get to know wines such as albarino and Barbera D’Alba, then you’ve got an idea of what you’re getting into and what might work with what else is on the menu.

Of course, your best clue to what works with what is to ask your server – and the BLD folks do have their heads on straight enough they can tell you more or less what you’re getting.  You can also ask for a tasting pour – we did with the albarino and garnacha blanca.

So share with us.  Does this kind of wine list help or hinder?




Please tell us what you think.

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