Calling All So Cal Friends/Winemakers

Copper Grapes proposed facility

Our friend, Leah Beth Canon, is pulling together a custom-crush/event facility and needs to do a market study. So check it out below, and please get back to her.

LEAH: For several years I have been trying to build a climate controlled custom crush winery
with all of the bells and whistles/garden event facility that is needed in the greater L.A.
area, called Copper Grapes. It’s been a rocky road with attaining investors, losing them,
finding a piece of land that works for this project and being told no by various city or
county planning agencies. So, I have finally found the right piece of land, I’m getting the
verbal yeses from planning officials and a new group of potential investors. The project
looks like it’s finally about to take off after four long years. I still have four months
to a year of entitlements and six months to a year of construction before the project is
completed and an additional four years before I can taste my first wine from my own
grapes. One final roadblock is standing in my way. These investors are now asking
for a market study, which has never been done in the Greater Los Angeles area. I need
every person’s involvement who, currently makes wine or has a desire to do so in the
Los Angeles area. I am not trying to compete with the Camarillo Custom Crush founder,
John Daume whom I hold in the highest regard. I will offer to share this information
with John Daume and post the results (excluding contact information) in a future issue of
the Cellarmasters Newsletter as well as on my facebook page. Please email me with the
following information with your contact information to
1. Do you currently make wine? Please state how much wine you would like to
make annually in the future.
2. Do you grow your own grapes? How many acres/plants?
3. What varieties are you growing?
4. Do you purchase grapes? How many tons/pounds? Where from?
5. Where are you producing your wine currently? Is your winemaker an
independent contractor and able to make wine at different facilities? Or do you
need a winemaker?
6. If you are producing your wine in your garage/home, what would entice you to
produce your wine at Camarillo Custom Crush or Copper Grapes Crushpad?
7. If Reverse Osmosis machines were offered in order to remove alcohol content,
would you use them?
8. If you want to make your wine at home but would want a cave for barrel storage,
would you use the caves?
9. Are your wines being distributed or presented in a tasting room for purchase
10. Do you need a Viticulturalist Consultant to come to your vineyard? Do you want
to hire someone to handle all of the vineyard management work?
11. Where are you growing grapes?
Thank you, in advance, for your help. May Bacchus and the powers that be bless our

Please tell us what you think.

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