Deep Dark Secrets and Syrah

Deep Dark Secrets, by Joy Ann Ribar, takes place in the dead of winter in Wisconsin. This first in the series of cozy mysteries featuring winemaker and baker Francine (Frankie) Champagne, involves our heroine trying to find out who killed a local pastor and left him in an ice-fishing shanty.

the cover of Deep Dark Secrets by Joy Ann Ribar

Yes, there are wineries in Wisconsin, and author Ribar assures us that the wine is quite tasty. Anne also asked her what wine she would pair with Deep Dark Secrets, and she suggested something with some sass or peppery notes.

We agree. This is a cozy mystery, in that it’s not overly violent and more about the solving of a puzzle than it is about heart-pounding action. Which is fine with us. Heart-pounding action is not the most restful thing to read during the evenings.

Michael suggested a cool-climate syrah, in particular. We featured winemaker Sabrine Rodems with a lesson on syrah a number of years ago. We also like Camins2Dreams Zotovich Syrah, as well. Syrah is one of those wines that can be in your face, but a good one is smooth and lush and relaxing, with just a bit of sass.

So, until you can curl up with a nice glass of syrah and Deep Dark Secrets, you can find out more about Joy Ann Ribar by clicking here and scrolling down to find the book, itself, on the page and some places you can buy the book.

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