Friday Foto: Harvest at Pomar Junction

Today’s picture comes from our recent trip to Pomar Junction Vineyard and Winery, right in the middle of harvest. In fact, we had just harvested almost 200 pounds of viognier, ourselves, from our friends at Sculpterra Winery, for our own home winemaking efforts.

These guys, however, are inspecting the merlot they just picked as it goes into the fermenter bins, and they’re using a machine because they’re harvesting tons, not mere pounds.

Harvest season has wound down around the state, and winemakers are finishing their first ferments, and doing a hundred other tasks before letting everything settle down for the winter. The vines are losing their leaves and also getting ready to shut down for the season.

In honor of that, we recommend picking up a nice, tasty merlot blend, a roaring fire and a really good book to enjoy this late fall evening. Along with some cheese and deli meats. Yum!

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