Frogmore Creek 2007 Pinot Noir

Type: Dry red

What’s Special: It’s from Tasmania, Australia

Plays well with: Pork, oily fish, lamb

The 2007 Frogmore Creek is more about texture than flavor. That doesn’t mean it’s flavor-less. It just means that what you’re eating is not compromised or overwhelmed by the wine but enhanced by acids or the feel in the mouth.

Stick your nose in the glass and you’ll catch dark fruits like blackberry, blueberry and some currants. Those fruits carry through to the taste.

But the best part is the mouth feel. It’s a medium weight, which means you can tell you’ve got something in your mouth, but it doesn’t weigh things down, like a syrup. There’s also a lighter texture which blends into sauces, meat juices or the natural oils from, say, salmon.

In short, the 2007 Frogmore Creek needs to be drunk with food to really show off its stuff. But that’s okay, because we love wines that work well with food.

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