Fun at Summerland Winery Tasting Room




Stock Photo by Allie Lustig

We recently uncovered some tasting notes from a trip up north and found that we had written up a couple of wines from Summerland Winery.

It was one of those, “Oh, what the heck, let’s stop.” kind of things.  The winery’s tasting room can be seen from the 101 freeway and we’d passed it any number of times before we decided to investigate.

The crucial point here was that we weren’t intentionally working at the time.  Yeah, we really do go wine tasting just for the fun of it.  So we didn’t have the camera with us.  We were lucky the tasting room had paper and pen.

Aside from some very tasty wines, the thing that made this little boutique on the local tourist track (Summerland is a small beachside community just south of Santa Barbara) stand out was that there weren’t that many tourists in the airy, bright tasting room.  There were locals, including a teacher blowing off some steam after a particularly trying day.
Well, you know the locals always know the best places.  And, sure enough, we were graciously greeted and served by a rather busy young woman, who still managed to chat us up while helping a bar full of people.

As it turns out, the website has announced that they are expanding the tasting room.  We can’t wait to see it.

If you want to visit yourself, you can find all the information here at

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