Hospice du Rhone 2010


Instead of John, George, Ringo and Paul - you have Pierre, Francois, Yves and Yves

Oy.  We’ve finally recovered from a busy weekend at the Hospice du Rhone (and the following week, which was busy but not for wine-related reasons).  HdR is a two-day festival celebrating wines made from the 22 varieties of grapes commonly grown in the Rhone Valley of France.  It’s one of the older variety-related tastings/gatherings in California and has become one of the most respected, as well.


We’ll be posting more on our experiences soon.  But in the meantime, here are a few of the highlights of the weekend:

During the Syrah Shoot Out, the producers all blind taste and vote on the best syrah there.  And we got to taste it!  Yum!

Meeting winemaker Amy Butler, who is a kick and a half.

The fund-raising auction – what a hoot that was.  As soon as we figure out how to post an audio file, you’ll get to hear auctioneer Todd Ventura in action.

The Rose Lunch – not sure what tasted better, the duck confit or the myriad Tavels (from the Tavel region and, by definition, are roses).

Guerilla tasting some viognier.

Chatting with and meeting with all the different winemakers – what a treat.

And finally, tasting all the wines – including several actual Rhones (Cotes du Rhone, Cote Rotie, Chateauneuf du Pape), from New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and from the U.S., including Washington State and believe it or not, California.

Is it any wonder we were completely blown on our backsides?

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