Poison Pen and Petite Sirah

Cover to Sheila Lowe's novel Poison Pen, featuring handwriting anaylyst Claudia Rose

Poison Pen is the first book in the Claudia Rose series by Sheila Lowe. Claudia, a handwriting analyst and forensic examiner just like her creator, keeps getting sucked into chasing down bad guys, starting with the death of the ruthless Lindsey Alexander.

The police believe it was probably suicide. Alexander’s business partner disagrees. He hires Claudia to determine if the handwriting on the apparent suicide note was, in fact, Alexander’s. Naturally, things get messier and messier. After all, Alexander’s business included some pretty skanky services to some very powerful men.

Label featuring petite sirah wine

Poison Pen is a taut, very tightly written thriller/whodunnit. Given that Claudia’s work is all about pen and ink, one wine is perfect: petite sirah. Inky, dark, deeply fruity, and often very tight and tannic, petite sirah fills the glass with full aromas and a lovely, full finish.

Winemakers frequently use the grape to blend with other wines, to add color and structure, and it can be a little hard to drink without a softer grape to blend with it. Winemaker Theodora Lee, of Theopolis Vineyards, makes a perfectly lovely petite sirah, and also a rosé from the grape.

With Poison Pen being equally bold and tight, you’ll want something with body to drink as you read it.

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