Consensio 2008 Sangiovese – Lost Notes Found!

A week or so ago, we noted that we’d lost a series of tasting notes. Talk about deep and profound annoyances! We were doing a fast clean up and things always turn missing when that happens. The good news is that we finally found the missing notes in a bag that had gotten kicked under a table.

So here are the tasting notes for the 2008 Consensio Sangiovese:

Type: Dry red
Made with: Sangiovese
Plays well with: Meat sauces, pizza, tomato dishes

It took a few minutes for the nose on the wine to happen. There was no fruit at first, then after a few minutes of exposure to the air, there was the fruit.And there was plenty of it in the mouth, too. But fortunately, it was offset by the tannins and acids, keeping the wine from being heavy or jammy as some sangioveses can be in California. And it was bone dry with no sweetness. It’s a good gulper on its own but if you want it at its best, have it with food, maybe that traditional bolognese (tomato meat) sauce on a big old heap of really long spaghetti. And you probably want to drink it young – meaning right now or in the next year or so. At least, we think so.  Let us know whether you prefer younger or older reds and why.