Scott Bakula – Celebrity Wine FAQ

Scott Bakula in Men of a Certain Age, courtesy Turner

We’ve been big fans of Scott Bakula ever since Quantum Leap – one of those shows underrated in its time, but now a cult fave.  And we loved Bakula as Stephen Bartowski, Chuck’s ingenious father, on Chuck, alas, another show we think is highly underrated.

That being said, it looks like Bakula has hit his stride and then some with Men of a Certain Age, playing bachelor and former actor Terry. The show is back with all-new episodes at 10 p.m. on TNT, starting Wednesday, June 1.

He also told us he’s more of a tequila man that a wine guy.

I’m not a big wine drinker,” he said. “I enjoy good wine.”

And while he likes what he’s been drinking lately, he did learn the hard way that the price of a bottle doesn’t always reflect what’s inside.

“My thing was always I’d just buy the most expensive,” he said. “Because this $50 bottle has to be better than this $23 bottle. Not true. I’ve spent a lot of money, wasting over the years.”

His big wine question is all about pleasing lots of different people with the same wine.

“When I go into a wine store…, how can you satisfy everybody’s wine tastes?” he said.  “My wife likes a certain thing. She doesn’t want too many tannins, she doesn’t want it to be too big. And I’m kinda like, I like the big wines.”

Bakula kind of answered his own question with his own solution to his dilemma – he asks the person working at the wine store and his friend.

“Usually, [wine store staff are] helpful because they also want you to come back, you know?” he said. “But I learn more and I usually try to call my friends who I know know wine. Like I have a big Christmas party every year and I call my friend Dave Fuller, and I say, Dave, what should I get? And he’ll say get the Camria, the 2006. It’s gonna go good with what you’re eating and blah, blah, blah.”

And, Mr. Bakula, if Mr. Fuller isn’t around, you can always email us here at We do parties, too.

Celebrity Wine FAQ: Scott Krinksy



Scott Krinsky, courtesy NBC


While Anne has been hobnobbing with the folks at the twice-yearly Television Critics Association Press Tour, she’s been checking in with people to find out what their Wine FAQs are.  After all, we’re pulling together our Wine FAQ page and want to know what everyone else wants to know about wine.

Scott Krinsky plays Nerd Herder Jeff on the spy comedy Chuck on NBC.  Fun thing is, he likes wine.

“I’m a big malbec fan,” he told Anne.  “I love malbec.  They have a nice little spice to them, kind of medium to full bodied.”

But he did have a question for us: “What is the average time to age a bottle before it goes to market?”

Our Answer:
This is an area where winemakers have great flexibility over the final product and a lot depends on the wine, itself and the winery’s need for cash.

Most red wines will spend up to a year after being made in a barrel or some bulk container before being bottled. The bottle may spend an additional year or longer before being shipped to a distributor. After that, the wine will start showing up at restaurants and store shelves.

White wines, on the other hand, will usually take about a year from grape to store shelf.

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