Eden Canyon 2006 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

edencanyoncabOf the flight of several wines that Elaine Villamin was pouring when we stumbled onto her at one of our local wine stores, Red Carpet Wines in Glendale, CA, this one was easily the best of the flight.  It’s made from 100 percent estate grown cabernet.  That is, Villamin made the wine from grapes her father grew on his property – and the care they took shows.
It has a deep ruby color, in fact, it’s almost black.  There is some grassiness in the nose – which a classic trait found in cabernet sauvignon grapes grown in the cooler regions of Bordeaux, France.  Best of all, the wine is extremely well balanced – no acid or fruit leaping out of the glass. Just the rich flavor of a classic red wine.  It’s good by itself or better with a hunk of red meat and/or something good and garlicky.  It’s a perfect wine to celebrate the good things in life, like some good cheese and bread.  Or the fact that it’s Friday night and you’re still alive and employed.