Celebrity Wine FAQ – Jane Seymour

When we asked actor Jane Seymour for her wine FAQ, she didn’t have one.

“You know, I grew up with wine.  My mother was a wine merchant.  I tasted Givery Chambertin at, probably, eight,” said the actor who is currently reprising her role as Prudence, the Martha Stewart clone in the Hallmark Channel movie Perfectly Prudence.

Like other Europeans, Seymour said, it’s not unusual for young Brits to taste wine long before it’s legal, even there.

But not only is she into wine, she’s even got her own label of pinot noir, JS, which she’s making with vintner Jim Palmer, of Malibu Vineyards, whose Santa Barbara vineyard is next to her property there.

“We did if for fun,” she said, but it sounded a little like they’re going beyond simple fun.  “We blended it personally.”

Nor does she have any particular favorites.

“I love great wine and I’m always open to tasting everything,” she said.  “I don’t care what it costs.  Invariably the cheaper ones sometimes  taste better to me.”

We did ask if folks ask her questions about wine when they find out she’s into it.

“No,” she said.  “They open their cellars.  They get excited and open a bottle they wouldn’t ordinarily.”

More proof that we don’t hang in the right circles.