Want Some Schmor Wine?

bothsmWe’re going to make this a quick one. Our friend Leah Canon, of Schmor Wines, came up with this seriously cool label in honor of our democratic process – Elephant and Donkey wines.

An event planner, Leah was looking for a label that would go with a good party. Or at least, a really big party. Can’t get bigger than our two main political parties, so she went with it. By the way, it’s the same wine – a lovely syrah blend – in both bottles.

Leah is slowly building her business and hopes to eventually have an event center and winery to go along with the wines. She got into bottling and selling wine as a way to enhance her event planning business.

No matter which party you’re voting for, we get that this election cycle has been more than a little stressful. So go ahead, order some Schmor Wine, open a bottle and try to relax. Just don’t forget to vote on November 8.

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