We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Annoyance of annoyances. We’re hoping you’re not experiencing the glitch that’s been popping up when you click on one of our post’s actual pages. But if you are, please let us know, including which browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) that you’re using.

In the meantime, instead of writing another post this, we’re going to figure out how to fix the verdamnt problem.

2 thoughts on “We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties”

  1. I know what you mean, Anne Louise! We had technical difficulties this week, too! We were without phone or internet for 2 days and it really put me behind in my correspondence and blogging. Technology is a blessing in so many ways, but it sure can shake up our lives when it wants to!

    1. Fortunately, the issue seems to be fixed now. Now I just have to find time to write another post.

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