What Wine Tasting Is Really All About

When people we meet either hear about this blog or that we are into the whole wine thing, they often tell us they know nothing about wine. As if it’s impossible to enjoy wine unless you can swirl, sniff, sip and pronounce it “an insouciant little flirt with light tannins and refreshing berries.”

Sadly, there are plenty of people in the wine game who have a lot invested in keeping this attitude alive. We’re not sure if it’s just pure ego or they have something to gain (like making more money on their wine). But it’s an attitude we’d love to see dead and buried.

There is no reason to be intimidated by wine. Or by tasting it. Because here’s the real secret, one the wine snobs don’t want you to know because then they’d have to give up their artifice.

Tasting wine is simply nothing more than figuring out what you like. Period.

Sure, we love deconstructing the aromas and flavors in a glass. Sure, we love bashing white zinfandel. But we also love kicking back with a glass of cheap, but drinkable, wine and a good, fluffy murder mystery (in Anne’s case) or the latest biography (in Michael’s case).

Yes, it’s true, we’ll spend several minutes debating the merits of this wine or that while trying to figure out what we’re going to serve with dinner, but again, it’s about what we like and how that will work with whatever is on the stove that night.

Wine is a sensual experience. You use your eyes and your nose as much as you do your taste buds. So we use the language of flavors to share with you, our readers, what a wine tastes like so that you can make up your own mind. We use the more standard language so that when you go to the wine store and can’t find the bottle you saw here (which is more than likely), you can at least look at the shelf tags – those little cards some stores put on the shelves to describe a wine – or the label and have an idea of what they mean. Or describe the wine to the person employed by the wine store, who can then help you find what you like.

This isn’t about judging. This is about sharing – the best thing you can do with a wine, in our opinion. Which is why you will never see us rate a wine. We’ll give you the capsule points about it, but that’s about letting you know what’s in the bottle. We want to share a broad range of wines to encourage you, our dear readers, to enjoy expanding your boundaries and discovering new things. You never know if you’re going to like something if you don’t try it. And if you’re in a tasting room or at a wine store’s wine bar with someone pouring liberally, then it’s the perfect time to try something different.

It’s all about finding something tasty and fun and delicious. And if you do, please share it here with us. Because it is all about sharing what you like, even if it is an insouciant little flirt.

One thought on “What Wine Tasting Is Really All About”

  1. Finally, voices of reason when it comes to wine. I have been to a dozen wine tastings, more or less, and I simply don’t have the palate that can identify raspberry or vanilla in what is essentially fancy grape juice. But I know what I like!

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