Wine FAQ Contest – Your Questions Could Win!



Win a shirt with this cool logo on it

We’ve been collecting questions for our Wine FAQ page for a while now.  Basically, we’re trying some human engineering here, since we know what questions we have.  But our questions aren’t necessarily the questions other folks have, so we’re asking you, our wonderful readers.

To make it even more fun and exciting, we’ve decided to add a little sporting flutter, as it were.  Send us your questions and for every question you send to, we’ll enter you into our contest.  Then, at the end of the contest, we’ll randomly draw five – count them, five – winners and post their names in the Wine FAQ, thus ensuring the five lucky winners enduring fame.  Okay, maybe ten minutes worth.

The winners will also get a really cool, personalized OddBallGrape t-shirt.  Yep.  Put your name on it, your favorite oddball grape or even one of our catchy slogans.  All this and it’s free, free, free!  We did say free, didn’t we?

So, have you ever really wondered what is in a Bordeaux?  Or what’s the difference between syrah and shiraz?  Or why don’t people like merlot?

Or even something more basic like what does red wine go with?

Now’s the time to ask.  No question is too basic or too stupid.  So break loose.  Think of all the questions you’ve ever had about wine and start asking.  It may even win!  Send your entries to, or click on the Wine FAQ link above (or here) for full rules and information.


Please tell us what you think.

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