Winter in the Home Winery – again

So it’s February or should I say Febrrr-ary? As in it’s almost too cold to be in the garage winery right now. This is also true for the barrels full of wine which are hibernating quietly. Too quietly as the malolactic bacteria that is supposed to be chewing up green apple-like malic acids and turning them into creamy lactic acids are also slumbering in the low temperature of the winery.

Is this a serious problem? No, as long as the barrels are kept filled and the chemistry doesn’t allow for spoilage to take place. The sleepy barrels will warm up in the Spring and will finish their conversion by summer. This has been and continues to be the traditional winery cycle for centuries.

The real work now is in blending and bottling – covered last month – and getting ready to prune the hibernating vines in the vineyard in advance of their awakening in March. We’ll document that process for you next time.

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