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Courtesy Walt Disney Studios

Disney’s latest animated feature Tangled opens in theatres this weekend.  And if the voice of male hero/love interest Flynn Rider sounds a lot like Chuck Bartowski, you’re right.  Zachary Levi, who stars in the NBC spy comedy Chuck, is also the voice for Flynn.  And in honor of the movie, we present his Celebrity FAQ, based on the interview Anne did with him last summer.

“My agent fought to get me into the room, because obviously, I’m not English and they were only looking at English dudes,” Levi said about getting the role of Flynn.  “And I went in, and I’ve been doing voices my whole life. So, I felt comfortable doing it and I did it, and they liked it. And then I had to sing because it’s a musical, and they liked my musical audition and they said, all right the job is yours. And pretty quickly after that, they made an executive decision and said, he’s not going to be English.”

Levi also said that while he likes wine, he’s not “into” it.

“As much as I might enjoy a glass of red wine, I also don’t really care that much. You know what I mean?” he said.  “I’ll have a glass of beer or some vodka or a glass of red wine. And if it’s Two-Buck Chuck, rock ‘n roll. If it’s Opus One, rock n’ roll. I’m not that picky.”

Zachary Levi as Chuck, courtesy NBC

Which, of course, leads to his FAQ:

“What is it that people get so hung up on? It’s oaky or it’s nutty or it’s fruity or dry or sweet or whatever, I don’t know. It tastes like wine to me.”

Our answer?

We get it, Zach.  It is just wine.  We use terms like oaky and nutty and fruity to describe what we’re tasting as a way of sharing the experience.  But we are totally down with your rock ‘n roll attitude.  As we’ve often noted, Anne is just like you – all she smells and tastes is wine.  And, you know what?  That’s just fine.  You don’t have to be into fancy descriptors and all that to enjoy wine.  We use them to help you find wines that you might like.  But while a lot of folks find the analytical approach a lot of fun, (and that’s fine, too), we like the whole experience of wine – the company, the food and the flavors.

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